Krabi Elephants Sanctuary

Krabi Elephants Sanctuary

Welcome to Krabi Elephants Sanctuary, a unique space where humans and elephants coexist in harmony. For two generations, our large family has worked to preserve the cultural legacy of these majestic creatures, all while supporting the mission of the Southern Elephants Hospital. Discover why these elephants are more than just animals to us.


A Deep Historical Connection Between Humans and Elephants in Krabi

Elephants are not simply wild animals; they are an integral part of Thai culture and history.

Visitor giving a loving kiss to an elephant at Krabi Elephants Sanctuary
Visitor giving a loving kiss to an elephant at Krabi Elephants Sanctuary


Elephants and Royalty

  • For centuries, these gentle giants have fought alongside kings and warriors, serving as a majestic force on the battlefield.

A National Symbol in Thailand

  • Their significant role in Thailand’s history even led to their representation in the old national flag.


Our Mission at Krabi Elephants Sanctuary

We have two main objectives guiding our daily work at the sanctuary.

Elephant bathing experience in Krabi
Elephant bathing experience in Krabi


Education and Awareness

  • We offer a unique opportunity for visitors to get up close with these magnificent creatures and learn how to live harmoniously with them.

Supporting the Southern Elephants Hospital

  • A portion of our revenue is dedicated to supporting the Southern Elephants Hospital. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our four-legged “family members.”

Be a Part of Our Cause

We offers more than just a meet-and-greet with elephants; it offers a chance to contribute to a more sustainable and happier future for these fascinating animals. We invite you to join us on this adventure and become an honorary member of our large family.

Experience the Krabi Elephants Sanctuary Firsthand

One of the best ways to support our mission and connect with these extraordinary creatures is to visit us. The cost for an unforgettable experience at Krabi Elephants Sanctuary is 1,700 THB per adult and 1,300 THB per child (4-10 years old). Your visit not only contributes to the welfare of the elephants but also supports our broader initiatives, including educational programs and the Southern Elephants Hospital.


Brochure displaying pricing and daily programs at Krabi Elephants Sanctuary


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